Internship Opening

Emerald City Literary Agency is in search of an intern to read full manuscripts.

The job involves:
– 5-10 hours a week, reading full manuscripts.
– Writing a short report on what you read (2-3 paragraphs)
-Can commit to 6 months or more

The ideal candidate:
– Is interested in exploring the career of a literary agent. While you may discover it’s not for you (and that’s okay!) in an ideal world you’re looking for a foot in the door to a future career as a lit agent. This internship opened up because a current intern is being promoted. Please note, we cannot guarantee an internship is a direct path to an agent position at ECLA, but would be delighted if it worked out that way.
-Loves middle grade, young adult, and romance novels. You don’t have to love ALL three, but it’s a big bonus if you do!
-Big bonus if you are in the greater Seattle/Tacoma area, and would be interested in occasional working lunches. However, in the absence of an ideal Seattle-area candidate, remote candidates within The US/Canada are okay.
The perks are:
-Experience. Agenting is an apprenticeship type career, and if we are not able to promote you at ECLA we’re happy to assist you in finding a place where you can grow.
-Advice: I’m happy to gchat, skype, call, etc, and answer all your publishing questions periodically while we work together.
-Aforemnetioned working lunch includes… Lunch! Yes, you can be paid in delicious sandwiches.
– If you are in school, I am happy to work with your university, if they provide credit for internships.
How to apply:
-Send an email titled INTERNSHIP to
-Include a list of your top 5-10 favorite books (YA, MG or romance)
-Include any relevent work experience
-tell us why you are drawn to literary agenting as a career.